Fort Chipewyan Bicentennial Museum


The Fort Chipewyan Bicentennial Museum opened in 1990. It is a full sized reproduction of the Hudson's Bay Company 1870 stores building. The Museum construction was undertaken as part of the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations in Fort Chipewyan.

Native and history displays depict the key role Fort Chipewyan played in Canada's early exploration and fur trade. Included in the exhibits is a model of the fort from the late 1800's 

National and Provincial exhibits are also regularly featured. 


Monthly Highlight

Shaw Spotlight: Fort Chipewyan Bicentennial Museum Tour - Wild and Wonderful

This short documentary was produced by Willi Whiston and beautifully captures the charm of our Museum!



The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the knowledge of over 200 years of rich cultural history within and around the Fort Chipewyan area. Come in today and view these and many other items currently on display. 

What we offer:



Visitors have access to our extensive onsite library of local history, the fur trade and Native cultures.



Research available into Catholic and Anglican Church records, including family genealogy from the Fort Chipewyan area (and beyond!).


Gift Shop

We sell beautiful handicrafts from local, regional and Canadian artisans as well as a selection of books!


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109 MacKenzie Ave

P.O. Box 203

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

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